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Worm Welcome is the 9th episode of season 1.


  • Hunters


Beetlejuice has a run-in with a newly-hatched Sandworm and Lydia accidentally calls him out of the Neitherworld while he's in contact with it, so they both teleport to the Outerworld, causing the locals there to think BJ caused the sandworm to disappear and thus call him a hero. The ordeal leads to complications as the baby sandworm is being pursued in the real world by a couple of illegal hunters Lydia wants punished with a good haunting, while in the Neitherworld everyone is constantly chanting Beetlejuice's name in praise which puts him on a high horse (literally) and renders it almost impossible for Lydia to call for him... to make matters worse, Worm Your Way deodorant was recently discovered to drive baby sandworms bonkers, but only AFTER Lydia decides to use it to lure the unexpected visitor to safety, thus unwittingly putting herself in danger! To that end, Beetlejuice has to become a real hero-- at least to Lydia (whom he cares about) and the baby sandworm (which he doesn't like at all)-- even if it costs him his new reputation among his fellow ghosts and ghouls.


  • This sandworm was also from the live-action Beetlejuice film from 1988.
  • The episode about sandworms is based on sequences from movies, including "Dune" (1984).
  • The Worm Your Way deodorant was mentioned before in a Neitherworld commercial in Out of My Mind (which has already airdated a few weeks earlier).
  • Some of the Neitherworld residents in the waiting room are similar to the ones in the waiting room in the movie.


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