Beetlejuice Wiki

The movie Beetle Juice is by far one of the most original ghost stories Tim Burton ever made.

" original alright, and nobody wants a sequel!"

-Beetlejuice, Stage Fright

Now that's not true, BJ! There are hundreds, maybe thousands of fans in this world that want to see you on the big screen once again. In fact, Tim Burton agreed to make a second movie for you, but he'll need a producer/co-director to get Beetle Juice Goes Hawaiian out of the vapor ware oven and have the tickets selling like hot-cakes (and don't bother... it's too much work for you to make a scam out of it); if I ever manage to meet the movie-making genius while I'm still what you Neitherworlders call a "breather", I'd take the job in a heartbeat! I'd gladly make improvements to what I'd retitle Beetle Juice's Hawaiian Halloween, that is, if they'd allow me to.

Here's how I see it: Rather then keeping the number that would've kept you in the waiting room for years (that which doctor switched them back while you were admiring your temperary "new look"), you mix it with the spit-wad you saved in your coat-pocket "for later", and use the spitwad to momentarily blind Mr. Flatman long enough for you to push down I.M. Smallhead, so his body could hold open the door. Once out of the "No Exit" zone, you were able to juice yourself back to the Outerworld, to find you have been gone for almost two months since your almost-marriage to Lydia Deetz. Speaking of whom, Lydia herself had been through alot in your absence; not just a rally to change the name of her hometown from "Winter River" to "Peaceful Pines" and that she's made a couple of friends in school, but also that the Maitland's assended early by giving the house deed comepletely to the Deetz's (atleast they assended) and to top it off, the poor girl, just a week shy of 12 years old, finds out that she's adopted at birth... as if having a step-parent wasn't miserable enough (I know from experiance)... and what's more surprising, she's born the last of a spasific gypsy family (and her "foster" father doesn't know she knows), which gives her a slight advantage over you, especially when you've stowed away on the Deetz family's vacation plans for Halloween on the Forbidden Island of Hawaii... especially when an unseasonably cold October makes it too snowy for trick-or-treating in Conneticut! Basically, it's the story of how you and Lydia become best friends, inspite what you've done to her in the previous movie.

"Hey! We had a deal!"

Whatever! Aloha, you rascal, and good luck!