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The Son Dad Never Had is the 13th and last episode of season 2.



With Lydia being busy with a photo project, her father feels rejected. Using that to an advantage (since he can't eat the bugs Lydia's taking pictures) Beetlejuice takes up his Cousin BJ routine once again and turns scaming money from Mr. Deetz...for, well, child's play!


  • This episode is based on one of "The Flintstone Kids" episode segments with "Captain Caveman and Son", which is called "Greed it and Weep". This story is about a richest man in Bedrock named Piggy McGrabit uses his Money Magnet to steal all of Bedrock's money. Captain Caveman and his son, Cavey Jr., must stop Piggy McGrabit before everyone ends up broke... and suceeded it. As for Young Fred Flintstone, he stole his mother's (Edna Flintsone) money from her purse until he and his friends watched "Captain Caveman and Son" episode and he learned his lesson by puts the money back in her purse where it belongs and Edna owes Captain Caveman a big thanks.
  • This is the last episode to show Lydia riding her own bicycle.
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