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The Monstress Across the Street is The Monster Across The Street's girlfriend and one of the Neitherworld characters. I'm not sure which street the Monstress lives across, but she manages to hang around the Roadhouse nonetheless. She and the Monster Across the Street make the cutest couple since Doomie and Pinky, although Poopette, Poopsie's beau, has not been seen since the Monstress' first episode (my guess is that she was just walking Poopette for a friend). The Monstress is as amiable as her boyfriend, but has a much quicker temper, and woe be to any female who dares come between her and her little 'cactus-dumplin'...

Characteristic Derails[]

  • Name: Just "The Monstress Across the Street," apparently
  • Profile: She's no tenderfoot
  • Status: Furry (the same kind as The Monster Across The Street)
  • Catchphrase(s): "Well ain't that the most tarhootinest thing you ever heard?"
  • Identified by: Knack for accessorizing; Fickle pet ownership.