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The Monster Across The Street, as he is simply known as, is Beetlejuice's neighbor who lives across the street in a cattle-skull shaped house. He hails from the Neitherwest. He owns a dog named Poopsie.

The Monster hates Beetlejuice for pulling pranks on him. The Monster loves to play music on his banjo, loudly. His father got lost at sea many years ago, and is found on a tiny island in the episode 'It's A Big, Big, Big, Big Ape'. The Monster has a nephew named the Little Monster From Around The Corner. The Monster currently has a girlfriend named the Monstress.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Just "The Monster Across the Street," apparently
  • Profile: The Neitherworld's biggest walking hairball
  • Status: At war with Beetlejuice
  • Catchphrase(s): "What in tarhooties?!" (don't ask me)
  • Identified by: Obnoxious country music; Shedding; Somehow being able to see with his eyes covered


He is often shown to have a bad temper, especially when he loses his patience from Beetlejuice's pranks.


He has no known powers, other than strength, to the extent that he's sometimes shown able to chase off the dreaded Sandworms with ease.


The Monstress Across The Street- The Monster's girlfriend.

The Little Monster Around The Corner- The Monster's nephew. Likes to write poems.

The Monster's Father- Got lost at sea years ago. He is a giant when compared to his son and for a while ended up on the Head Hunter's island, where he was known as Bing Bong.


Other than Beetlejuice, The Monster mainly has a strong aversion towards Jesse Germs. Like most of the people in Beetlejuice's neighborhood, he also dislikes Goody Two Shoes (character), Lipscum, and Germs Pondscum.


  • This character is based on Gossamer (Looney Tunes creature).