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The Geek Islands is an island that only appears in the Beetlejuice animated episode, "The Big Face Off". It's an island for monsters to enjoy their (scream) vacation.

(Island) History[]

In this episode, it was previewed by the "24 hour Gross-out" game show host Barf Biffman (with Jack), who explains that the winner will win a (scream) vacation to this island resort.

Though it was never seen again, it was mentioned in Scare and Scare Alike after Lydia pranks Beetlejuice by telling him his mother is coming to live with him for a month, only for the contrary to be proven after BJ's freak out due to him retrieving a post card in the mail reading: "Having a ghastly vacation in the Geek Islands. Wish you were here instead of us. Yours ghouly, Mom and Dad dear."