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"Spitting Image" is the 5th episode of Season 3.



While trying to make Lydia's science report on ameobas more exciting, Beetlejuice gets split in the form of one while annoying the real thing and becomes two Beetlejuices! While Lydia thinks it is twice the freaky fun this way, everything takes a turn for the worse when the doesn't-work-well-with-others thing gets Beetlejuice having a twin sibling rivalry with himself. Will he ever pull himself together?!


  • The name of the Beetlejuice Animated episode is a mistake, because it mistyped "Spitting", instead of "Splitting"


  • The two split personalities of Beetlejuice tried to save Lydia when she was drowning, but Beetlejuice hates clean water.
  • Lydia shouldn't also needed to call for help, because she knows how to swim.
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