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Snugglejuice is the 38th episode of season 4.



It's Pranks-giving in the Neitherworld, and the annual compition between pranksters (in honor of Beetlejuice's inspiration, Dr. Prankenstein) is a high stakes yet well known event. BJ has made the final two, next to the not-so-secret agent Germs Pondscum, who's so sneaky that he framed BJ for catapulting the Prank Shop, which had our ghost with the most suspended from the event and to spend time in the Neither-Neither Land, where Little Miss Warden keeps watch over the worst behaved ghosts until they are so far on the sickeningly sweet side that they say "Pretty Please With Sugar On Top", and what's worse, that place is so naively cutesy that Beetlejuicing doesn't work! After meeting Dr. Prankenstein there (also framed by Pondscum), BJ learns the only way to get out besides doing his time is something he shouldn't know. But our ghoul finds out the hard way after a failed jailbreak, that the other way out was spending the night in the Jack-in-the-Box, where Little Miss Warden "rehabilitates" her prisoners with cuddlifying brainwashing videos on perfect manners. As a result, BJ becomes Snugglejuice, which worried Lydia, who got in trouble at Miss Shannon's private school earlier in real world, when he turned down a beetle she gave him and cleaned up the Roadhouse! As Lydia figured everything out upon entering the Neither-Neither Land area, she threatened Little Miss Warden that unless her friend is returned to the gross-out ghoul she knows and loves, everyone will know how the prison really works on Neitherworld TV... right on the spot. Little Miss Warden arrests Lydia on the spot for "being a tattletale and failure to be cute and cuddly." Can Dr. Prankenstein help BJ free himself from his now-dominent-yet-whimpy Snugglejuice persona before Lydia learns good posture and tea-party behavior? And if he does, what will the final score be at the Pranks-giving Prank-a-thon!


  • The name "Pranksgiving" is a combination of "Pranks" and "Thanksgiving" (though Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November).
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