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Skeletons in the Closet is the 3rd episode of season 1.



On a stormy day near the Deetzes' house, a baby skunk, chased by stray dogs, rushes to the Deetzes' house. Meanwhile, Beetlejuice and Lydia are dancing in her room. As Beetlejuice opens the window, the baby skunk jumps onto him. Beetlejuice likes the smell of the skunk but Lydia doesn't, though she decides to give the little stinker shelter from the storm in her bedroom anyway; however, Beetlejuice reminds Lydia about what Delia said: "Don't bring worms or wild animals in the house." Speaking of Delia, she and Charles knocks on the door, so Beetlejuice hides in the closet while Lydia puts the skunk, whom she calls Stinky, in there with him. As Charles and Delia open the door, they smell something awful. Lydia lies to them, saying that she's trying out some cologne she bought for her father. As her parents go back to their own bedroom, Lydia opens the closet. Beetlejuice likes the way she lied, but she can't keep secrets any longer, so they take Stinky to the Neitherworld.

Once in the Neitherworld, they encounter a new problem. When Neitherworld denizens tell lies, they get skeletons in their closets... and Beetlejuice's closet is almost overflowing. When he tells one fib too many, the closet bursts, releasing all the skeletons. They immediately run around telling the truth about his lies, with his neighbors growing angry - except for Jacques, who is delighted to learn that Beetlejuice actually likes him. Meanwhile, another skeleton flees to the real world to reveal Lydia's lie to her parents.

The only way to defeat the skeletons is to tell the truth about something. Lydia quickly works out an easy truth for Beetlejuice to tell, and asks him who his best friend is. He declares that it's Lydia, and immediately, the skeletons disappear. She, meanwhile, promises to tell her parents the truth about the skunk, and the episode ends with Lydia and a violin-playing Beetlejuice releasing little Stinky back into the wild.


  • The episode that has skeletons is based on the skeleton of Mirabeau coming out of a hidden closet of king Louis XVI of France in 1792.
  • This was one of the three episode featured on the movie's 20th anniversary DVD and the later blu-ray.


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