Scuzzo the Clown is a Neitherworld clown that wants to make everything funny, which Beetlejuice hates. He is Beetlejuice's arch-rival.  Arch-nemesis, that is. Anyway, he sometimes works with his brother (Fuzzo the Clown), though he is the mastermind and leader of the two.

Characteristic Details

  • Name: Scuzzo the Clown
  • Profile: The Neitherworld's Least User-Friendly Entertainer
  • Status: Spectral
  • Catchphrase(s): (insert maniacal laughter here)
  • Identified by: Cheap gags and cheaper gag props


Scuzzo is an annoying clown and gets on Beetlejuice's nerves. He is also very arrogant.


He seems to share some of the same abilities.


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