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Scourge is one of the characters in Beetlejuice: The Animated Series. He appeared in his own Neither-Game (video game in the Neitherworld).


In this episode, one of the Neither-Game players, Deady Eddie, has sucked into Scourge's cyberspace after he past the first level. Now Lydia did the same thing what Deady Eddie did. As for Mr. BJ (Beetlejuice), he transformed into the coin, because he uses his own juice to find a way into the game to get Lydia, but once Scourge grounded his powers with a die-ode, it seems the only way they can get out of the game is to win! In Scourge's final level. Mr. BJ gave Scourge a cold as a virus... and succeeded it because Scourge has been defeated and transformed back into Deady Eddie. Now Mr. BJ & Lydia rescued Deady Eddie and escaped Scourge for good. Because Scourge's arcade game has broken to pieces.


The cyberspace sequence is based on the 1982 live-action/animated sci-fi movie Tron.