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Saturn appears in the film as a type of limbo, or to be more exact, a vast, endless desert filled with sand dunes and massive brown structures of different shapes reaching skyward and which is inhabited by sandworms. Adam and Barbara arrive here when they try to leave their home by 'normal' means after their death. This happens to Adam first in which he appears in Saturn for a short time in which he is almost attacked by a sandworm until Barbara pulls him back onto the houses porch; Barbara tells him that he has been gone two hours therefore we can assume that, like the rest of the afterlife, time does not work the same here as in the living world. Adam and Barbara both arrive here again when Barbara gets upset about the new people in their house and are chased back to the door by another sandworm. After seeing Saturn herself, Barbara finally realizes they are trapped in their house and can not leave.


  • In an early script, it was called Titan. Incidentally, Titan is the name of one of Planet Saturn's moons. It's possible the desert is Titan, and the giant green planet seen in the sky is Saturn and the smaller one is Jupiter, or if it's on Saturn the giant planet is Jupiter and the smaller one is Mars.
  • in the animated show the sandworms instead were in Sandwormland which was below the Neitherworld.