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Sandworms are a type of creature that live on Saturn/Sandwormland. They can consume other paranormal, such as ghosts.

Beetlejuice (movie)[]

History (BJ1)[]

When Adam and Barbara died, they returned to the house. Adam decided to walk back out the door, but the outside world began changing into a dark night in a sandy location. Adam heard a strange roaring noise and saw a coil sticking out of the sand, but Barbara pulled him back inside.

Barbara walked out of door and fell down to the sand, quickly becoming lost. When she and Adam found each other, the growling noise became audible, and a Sandworm popped out to eat them. Barbara hit it, causing it to shake its head for a moment, but then it moved as if to eat them again. Adam and Barbara quickly went back through the door, closing it for safety.

In the second appearance, Betelgeuse had sent Barbara back into the realm of the sandworms. Appearing visible furious, Barbara rode a Sandworm back into the house, causing it to crash through the ceiling and swallow Betelgeuse. Barbara then jumped off and it crashed through the floor.

Personality (BJ1)[]

While they don't speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when they are hit. They appear to have a personality not unlike an unruly dog.

Trivia (BJ1)[]

  • Sandworms, called "Lugworm" are in real life a type of worm that burrow in sands. However, they look nothing like sandworms in the movie or cartoons.
  • The sandworms are based on the different ones from the 1984 film Dune.[citation needed]

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History (BJ2)[]


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Beetlejuice (animated series)[]

History (BJ:AS)[]

As first noted in "Critter Sitters", Sandworms resign in a place below the Neitherworld in a desert region called Sandwormland. It is assumed that the Sandworms will only eat ghosts, however in "Worm Welcome" after protecting the Baby Sandworm, Lydia and Beetlejuice were treated like adopted parents to it. Proving they can be tamed.

Personality (BJ:AS)[]

They are animalistic, like a dog or shark and tend to attack for a meal. They mostly are suggested to be rather dumb, though they seem to have some less negative animal attributes as well.

Gallery (BJ:AS)[]