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Rooty Baga

Rooty Baga is one of the characters in Beetlejuice Animated episode, "Skeletons in the Closet."


Rooty Baga makes his own fruit stand and sells fruits. Unfortunately, Beetlejuice stole some fruits and lied to Rooty Baga earlier. Then, as BJ, Lydia and Little Stinky went to same place (Neitherworld), they went to BJ's roadhouse, though as BJ lies, the ghostly skeletons burst out of BJ's closet, telling some citizens of Neitherworld about what BJ has done to everyone. The skeletons make Ginger cry, because they say BJ hates dancing. They say BJ bothers Poopsie, making the Monster Across the Street gets extremely furious. As the skeletons multiply, they told everyone in Neitherworld about what BJ has done, including the fruits has stolen by BJ at Rooty Baga's Fruit Stand.

Then Rooty Baga, the Monster and Poopsie, who are extremely furious about what BJ lied to everyone. Lydia found a book, and according to this, the only way for BJ to get rid of them, is by telling the truth, but he refuses and the more BJ lies, the more the skeletons escape from the closet.

Lydia forces BJ to tell the truth and asks him, who's the best friend. And BJ finally tells the truth so he answers to Lydia that she's his best friend. And most of the skeletons disappear, so Lydia tells the truth about her parents. Meanwhile, back in the Outerworld (Real World), last skeleton tells Charles about what Lydia lied, though as she told the truth, the last skeleton disappeared.