Road Kill Man is a man who got run over, and now resembles a raccoon pancake you see on the side of the road. He appears as the postal worker in the Netherworld and is seen when the Maitland's go to see Juno. Being as he's a postal worker, he (like the receptionist, Miss Argentina) probably committed suicide- jumping in front of a truck or car or any vehicle of some kind. It's not direct about his death, however. He wears a suit- though it has some pretty heavy tire tracks across the front. Judging from how his entire body is flattened, it seems that he may have been run over by more than one vehicle.


Although there's not much known about him. He seems to have accepted his fate, to the extent that he'll even joke about it.

Trivia Edit

  • He was sometimes called "Road Accident Victim" although the term was incorrect, seeing as he is working alongside Miss Argentina in the afterlife civil service. His cause of death been has accidental, he would not have been assigned to the civil service which is the final fate of those who committed suicide in the real world.
  • It's unknown whether or not he appeared in the animated series.


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