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Prudence is a friend of Lydia in the real world. She and Bertha are some of Lydia's only close friends at school.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Prudence
  • Profile: Big Brains In a Small Package
  • Status: Owl-Eyed
  • Catchphrase(s): "What do you mean the library's closed?"
  • Identified by: Huge hair, glasses, and a voracious appetite for facts


Prudence is a short, smart girl with orange hair and glasses, which she is near-sighted without, and thus has a hard time seeing what's going on around her. She is the quiet and shy member of Lydia's small group of friends. Prudence seems to scare easy, but usually gets over it quickly.


it's unknown if She and Bertha are sisters or just friends. Their last names are never stated.


  • As Betty (or not), Beetlejuice calls Prudence "Prune" (fitting not only because of her name, but also because Prudence is small).
  • In Laugh of the Party, Prudence's Halloween costume is a shepherdess... Little Bo Peep, most likely.
  • She, who with Bertha dressed up and act like Tarzan and Jane, stood up to a sandworm once with a geography book as a weapon, and called the creature an "ill-mannered anilid".
  • She secretly dreams of being a Rockstar and has that dream come true when "Betty" teaches her how to be "dangerous" in "Brides of Funkenstein", and proves every quiet person has a wild-side when the band took an unexpected detour to a retirement home. She's the lead singer of the band.