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Prince Vince

Prince Vince is a reoccurring character in the animated series, Beetlejuice. He is the ruler of the Neitherworld and appears to suffer some kind of depression. He is voiced by Hadley Kay.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Prince Vince
  • Profile: Gloomy as Gloomy Can Be
  • Status: Depressed
  • Catchphrase(s): "Woe! Oh, woe!"
  • Identified by: Dark clouds; Dark clothes; Dark mood


Prince Vince is a perpetually sad character whose depression can get so bad that rain clouds form in his general area. He often embraces tragic things from the works of Edgar Allen Poe to depressing films like The Crying Clown (a four hour film). Furthermore, he enjoys the smell of onion chips for the sake of inducing tears, and during his brief time as a rock star wrote a one hit wonder so depressing that it was torture to listen to. But in spite of all this, Prince Vince just wants to be loved for who he is, and genuinely does care about his subjects. Finally, he finds genuine moments of happiness, when he is with his friends.


Lydia Deetz[]

When Prince Vince first met Lydia he was instantly smitten and desired to do anything to impress her. He goes to Beetlejuice for romantic advice, and takes her on a date. They end up going out again and the Prince even permits Lydia's other Neithworld friends to use his hall whenever they desire. Unfortunately, Lydia turns down his offer to "be (his) princess" as she only wanted to be friends. Prince Vince is devastated at this, but Lydia reassures him that all the fun and new friends doesn't have to end just because they aren't a couple. This makes him happy.

During his time as The Prince of Rock and Roll, he goes to Lydia and Beetlejuice to test out his new music. Both friends hate the music, but Lydia insists on sparing Prince Vince's feelings and lying to him about their opinions. Lydia and Beetlejuice market his music to the whole Neitherworld and encourage the citizens to applaud the terrible music in order to spare to keep the prince from being depressed. She also encourages them to go to all his concerts, buy all his records, etc.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Prince Vince’s name is a parody of Vincent Price.
  • Vince bears a resemblance to the character Vincent Molloy from Tim Burton's short film Vincent. The short tells the story of Vincent and his desire to be just like 50s horror movie icon Vincent Price. In addition to sharing a name, the two characters also share similar appearances and demeanors.
  • He also shares physical characteristics with Victor VanDort from Tim Burtons Stop-motion film Corpse Bride as he was also based off Vincent.