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Pest o' the West is the 12th episode of season 1.



While Lydia watching a cheesy monster cowboy movie, the film's interrupted by Beetlejuice who offers Lydia to come to the actual wild west. Then Lydia says his name and then she goes to Tombstone, Scarizona. Then Beetlejuice and Lydia head into town where the people select Beetlejuice as their sheriff because Bully the Crud is coming at high noon to fight Beetlejuice. Then Bully arrives, and then Beetlejuice gets scared by him to fight, forcing him to run off to Boot Hill, and his only horse Nags has to encourage him. And to make matters worse, Bully falls in love with Lydia, and then he tries to force her to marry him, cause he'll threaten to destroy Lydia if she'll refuse to marry Bully. Then Beetlejuice believes that Lydia can take care of herself, but as the hours go by, he gets worried about her, and then he uses a crystal ball to look into the future to see what happens to Lydia. And Beetlejuice' Surprise, he could not believe what he's seeing, Bully and Lydia are married with five little bulls. Then Beetlejuice stops the wedding, and then he has a showdown with Bully, resulting with him winning by pouring barbeque sauce all over him. Then Beetlejuice quits his job as sheriff because it's "ruining his good boots". During the exit through the sunset scene, Beetlejuice and his horse Nags bicker all the way out of town.


  • The character "Bully the Crud" is a pun-on the legendary westerner "Billy the Kid"
  • The word "Scarizona" is a pun-on "Scare" and "Arizona".
  • This's the second time Lydia almost gets married to someone, just like the first was with Beetlejuice in his own live-action film in 1988.
  • There's also a Spongebob Squarepants episode named “Pest of the West”, albeit this version’s title had, and O, and an apostrophe unlike the aforementioned.
  • The commercial Beetlejuice makes to show Lydia the Neitherworld’s Scarizona has a similar western theme to the commercial Beetlejuice makes for the Maitlands in the film.
  • Throughout this episode, Lydia wears black clothes and holds a camera, which is a reference to the original live-action film.


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