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Otho Fenlock is friends with Delia Deetz. He has a background in Interior Design, is skilled in chemistry and served briefly as a 'hair analyst' and also knows a little of paranormal matters and was a top 'Paranormal Researcher' until the 'bottom dropped out' back in the 70's. 


Otho's personality is classic borderline narcissism. Otho presents himself to be more successful than he actually is, often referring to past career failures as experience and success, though he seems to genuinely believe this despite the obvious. He seems to depend on the limelight for his own ego, Otho can commonly be seen pandering to those of higher status than himself to gain approval, and boost his own status, such as when he compliments art work of his employer which is clearly grotesque.

Despite the arrogant facade, Otho is clearly insecure and uses the facade as a defense mechanism, we see this whenever real danger is present, Otho loses the facade and shows his true colors as a coward. When Beetlejuice alters Otho's outfit into a summer suit, Otho is clearly mortified at the embarrassment, and therefore runs away, screaming.


Otho mentions to Delia Deetz that he was schooled in chemistry and he was a hair analyst briefly. After his stint with the Living Theatre, Otho was one of New York City's leading paranormal researchers, until the bottom dropped out in '72.