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The Neitherworld Waiting Room is a waiting room for ghosts after they die and met their demise.


Adam and Barbara arrive in the Neitherworld waiting room after they follow the emergency instructions from the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. From the movie we can see that the waiting room is ran by civil servants, and it is where you must go to meet or make an appointment with your afterlife case worker. There appears to be other types of offices leading from the waiting room but there is little to show what they are for. While Adam and Barbara are here they learn more about the afterlife from other deceased and Juno, their case worker. This includes what happens if you are exorcised, and they are also warned to stay away from Beetlejuice.

Information that we learn from scenes set in and around the waiting room:

  • You are allocated three appointments with your caseworker.
  • If you commit suicide you become a civil servant in the afterlife.
  • Everyone's death and afterlife experiences are person to how they lived and died, this includes their limitations and abilities as well as their appearance once they are deceased.
  • Exorcism is "like death for the dead", and from the souls we can see you become a wisp of your self.
  • Beetlejuice used to work for Juno. He created a lot of trouble and now portrays himself as a 'bio-exorcist'. He cannot be trusted.
  • The Handbook of the Recently Deceased holds a guide on how to use your abilities in the afterlife.