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Neither Neither land is a world below The Neitherworld. In this world, it known to be a 'Cute and Happy' place where those who are sent there to be rehabilitated. The surroundings of Neither Neither land is shown to be a land of cute and fluffy stuff with singing flowers, stuff bears, Pixie Dust, and candy corn and sugarplum as food. Neither Neither land is ruled by Little Miss Warden and her 2nd in command, Billy Club. When someone (Beetlejuice, especially) is sentence to Neither Neither land, their usual magic is change to something cute and nice. It is said that the only way out of Neither Neither land is to either do your time or spend the night at the jack in a box.

When one is sent to the Jack in the Box, they are forced to watch a video about good manners and being helpful because once someone enters the box, they change into something more horrible.


After Beetlejuice was frame for shoplifting ( meaning literally lifting a shop) by Germ Pond scum and the jury being puppets controlled by Pond scum, Beetlejuice was sentenced to Neither Neither land for rehabilitation. There he was force in a daisy chain gang, where he had to do menial jobs such as making pixie dust, making gold roads and the only food allowed to eat was candy corn and sugar plums. After discovering that his hero dr. Prankenstein was also sent here by Pond scum he was told the only way out was to serve his time or spend the night at the Jack In The Box.

After a failed attempt to escape, Beetlejuice was captured and the Warden sentence him to a night in the Jack-in-the-Box. After a whole night Beetlejuice came out as snuggle juice and was proclaimed rehabilitated.

Later snuggle juice and Lydia traveled to neither neither land where Lydia was captured and was sentenced to the Box. With the help of dr. prankenstein snuggle juice turn back into Beetlejuice and with his power is restored he got his Payback with the warden and billy club and teleported him and Lydia back to the Neitherworld.