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Miss Shannon is Lydia's teacher in the real world.


As it can be inferred by the picture, Miss Shannon appears to be very pompous and stuffy, that because this private school headmistress's in charge at all times. Things are either done to her specifications or not, and she's a self-professed expert on young women. When she's not at her school pounding girls into shape, she's at her Victorian home sipping tea and watching dry PBS programs. Needless to say, fun is strictly out of the question for Miss Shannon, as her behavior indicates.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Miss Shannon
  • Profile: Headmistress Extraordinaire
  • Status: Straightlaced
  • Catchphrase(s): "How...improper."
  • Identified by: Humorlessness; Rapping ruler on anything handy



  • Miss Shannon never appeared in the live-action movie (Although, her name is used in the film, in part of the name of the school Lydia attends towards the end). Her first name's unknown.
  • Not to be confused with Miss Sharpen.