Miss Argentina (aka The Receptionist, and Miss Receptionist) appears at the window in the Neitherworld waiting room. As she's shown in the live-action film, she appears that she committed suicide by cutting her wrists. As she says to those Afterlife victims: "If i knew then, what i know now, i wouldn't have had my 'little accident'". That's what happens when those people (including Adam and Barbara) died, although her statement wasn't likely knowing until it was too late that Neitherworld law stipulates that those who died by suicide, are assigned to work as bureaucrats. It also appears that she lost the Miss World beauty pageant, as she's signified by her sash identifying her as the Argentinean contestant.


She seems to not care too much about the ones recently dead.

Although in the musical when Lydia thought about suicide, she said that death isn't a fix for your problems, it just leaves you with massive regrets. This shows that she doesn’t want a girl with a possible bright happy future to be stuck with a job like she has.


  • She was in the Miss World beauty pageant one.

Animated Version

For more information about this character for the animated series, go to the animated article.


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