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Lydia Deetz is the daughter of Charles Deetz and the step-daughter of Delia Deetz. She’s mostly referred to as a 'goth' girl. Beetlejuice plans on marrying her, so he can return to the world of the living.


MOVIE: In the movie Lydia has medium-length black hair with pointed bangs and always has her hair in a half-ponytail. During the wedding scene, she’s seen wearing a poofy red, rose-themed dress and looks disgusted at the fact that she’s marrying Betelgeuse.

Lydia and Betelgeuse wedding scene (movie)

MUSICAL: In the musical shortly after the death of her mother, Emily Deetz, Lydia is seen with long wavy blond hair that is quite clearly bleached and bangs. Shortly afterward, she’s seen with short curly dark brown hair and high straight bangs. Her most memorable and notable outfit consists of a black long-sleeved lacy dress with safety pins attached around the collar of the dress. Although during the wedding scene the classic red dress is brought back. During the Act 1 finale, when Day-o is sung, she can be seen wearing a yellow dress.

Lydia Deetz (Musical)

Lydia in the movie


Lydia is a serious but kind girl who is sensitive beyond her Goth dress and feels isolated in the world. Her father and stepmother do not take anything she says seriously and often ignore her for their own selfish pursuits. Lydia loves writing poetry, taking photographs, and loves anything pertaining to the supernatural and paranormal. Despite her young age, Lydia appears to be the most sensible member of the Deetz household. Though in her dark personality she has a great dark sense of humor to her. She also has a certain flair for the dramatic, particularly when talking about herself. ("My life is a darkroom. Just one. Big. Dark. Room."). By the end of the film, she is more happy and well-adjusted because Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland become active parental figures alongside Charles Deetz and Delia Deetz, who take a stronger role in her upbringing after having seen her nearly forced into marriage with Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice).


Lydia Deetz is from New York City and moved with her father and stepmother. In the original script her mother Evelyn and her father Charles Deetz are divorced and she remains in New York. She joins Otho as the Deetz's dinner guests. Her biological mother does not appear in the final film nor is she mentioned.

Alternatively, in the musical her mother now named Emily Deetz is noted as dead. Regardless, her father has since married Delia Deetz making Delia Lydia's stepmother.

Animated Version

For more information about this character for the animated series, go to the animated article.


  • In an early script, Lydia was originally a minor character and a typical teenage angsty goth. She also has a 9-year-old sister named Cathy who would be the one to befriend the Maitlands. Most of Cathy's plot points and personality traits in the script were merged with Lydia.
  • In early versions of the script it was set that Lydia would die in a fire and join the Maitlands in the afterlife. This was decided against after the realization that too many teens this would be interpreted as "death is the only way out of sadness" and might seem like a push for teens to commit suicide to find happiness instead of dealing with their problems.
  • In early versions of the script it was set that Betelgeuse did not seek to marry Lydia in order to gain life among the living, but to have sex with her. Considering her age in the film (somewhere around 16) makes this fact all the more creepy.
  • A Monster High doll has been made of her in 2021. The link [1] can be found here.