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Lost Souls appear in a room, seen in the hall by Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland.


As these are ghosts that have been exorcised, it's understandable that all they ever do is moan. The majority of them were placed here because having been exorcised has put them in a permanent state of sorrow, misery and pain. having nowhere to go, and nobody left to turn to, and having no way to fix what has happened to them, they are transported to the lost souls room, presumably by the ghostly Janitor, who appears to know more about them than he's letting other people know.


Had the exorcism of the Maitlands succeeded, this would have been their fate.

The Janitor seems to have a connection with some of them, as evidenced by his sadness displayed at the sight of them, specifically the one passing by the window.

During exorcism in this universe, it would seem the spirit begins to decay as though it were a corporeal human body. This is because during this ritual, the ghost is brought back to the world of the living to be once again destroyed, leaving the scars and wounds imprinted to the body of the spirit, giving the lost souls their almost stock ghost appearance, complete with tattered, sheet-like clothes and a grotesque, zombie-like physique.

When Otho tried to exorcise Barbara and Adam, he had no idea he would have to in the process torture and kill them, believing it would simply banish the spirit from the home after being revealed. He also didn't know it couldn't be stopped by the exorcist, and ultimately had no choice but to accept Betelgeuse's help.