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Little Miss Warden is a prison warden in Neither-neither-land who likes things that are sickeningly sweet. Next to Claire Brewster, Little Miss Warden is the six-year-old spoiled brat persona, as if it's not cute, it could be "Scrumdilly-iscious" if it wants to be. As part of her obsession to cute-sify everything, she "rehabilitates" naughty ghosts and ghouls into being cutesy, perfectly good versions of themselves by making them spend the night in the Jack-in-the-box, where Jack plays videos for good-behavior brainwashing!

She did this to Beetlejuice, turning him into Snugglejuice, and was so sure that his magic will make things cuter outside Neither-neither-land (where his once-gross self had no choice) that she trusted him with her transportation spell between Neither-Neither Land and the Neitherworld. She says... "If you ever need us again for anything, just put your hands together and say the magic words, 'Higgledy Biggledy Pop!'"

Of course, she wouldn't have told him if she had known he loved Lydia (who Miss Warden intended to brainwash into being a cute-and-cuddly girl by teaching her perfectly-good posture) to fight against the Snugglejuice Persona long enough to eat the Franken-beetle, the one insect more powerful then all the cuteness in Neither-neither Land, which restored Beetlejuice's true from and enough of his gross magic to turn the tables on her and give Little Miss Warden hair like Medusa for a short while.

Little Miss Warden tried to lock BJ in the gingerbread house later on after his escape, but he did it again by revealing she's a "statue of limitations" when she fainted to BJ giving her the bride-of Frankenstein look.

As a member of SNOTRAG, after her brainteaser trick failed, Miss Warden took BJ's head and used it to demonstrate "proper dolly care" by putting makeup and a wig on him before using him as a replacement head for one of her old dolls, but once again, with Lydia's help, Beetlejuice escaped.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Little Miss Warden
  • Profile: Head cutie pie of Neither-Neither-land
  • Status: Sickeningly sweet
  • Catchphrase(s): "That wasn't very cute!"
  • Identified by: Cute little voice; Cute little outfit