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Lipscum is a creature who obviously has the biggest mouth in the Neitherworld, not just liturally, but also because he is a bothersome chatterbox. In fact, everyone agrees he's the one citizen there who's more annoying then Beetlejuice. So why isn't he ever fed to the sandworms? Most likely it's a quality over quantity thing, as Beetlejuice annoys everyone with pranks, especially with his magic, as Lipscum is only a pest for talking too much. Sometimes Lipscum tries to help Beetlejuice with a prank or some other project, only to end up getting the zipper or the boot (see episode: Smell-a-thon). Other times, he tries to join villians out to harm BJ, and uses videos of his failed attempts to befriend "the ghost with the most" to prove he belongs with them. He got in, but on the condition he shuts up!

Lipscum isn't the brightest member of SNOTRAG, as he is too dumb to unzip himself when someone zips his lip, not to mention he considers a black-and-white tv set an "even better" prize then an actual tv show. However, he seems smarter when it comes to verbal psycology, as he's the only one in the ganster group to put Mr. Big's words into broken english, and it seem's he's the one to trick Beetlejuice into saying the right words to make his body come apart, for while the others tried chirades, brainteazer puzzles, crud-in-the-ear blimps, and a fake gameshow, Lipscum uses a more direct aproach and yells "Hey! Beetlejuice! I bet you can't say I am coming apart at the seams ten times real fast! Betcha can't! Betcha can't!" And then, Beetlejuice yells, "Oh! Go get an afterlife, Lipscum! I'd rather wear clean underwear then say something stupid like I'm coming apart at the seams!"

With that crude but effective final blow took effect, Lipscum deserved the first gloat by saying they've finally "de-feeted" (defeated) Beetlejuice (took the legs and used them as extentions for his TV antenna, but second only to Little Miss Warden with the head, Lipscum was the first one to loose the his... footing).

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Lip Scum
  • Profile: The most obnoxious being in the Neitherworld
  • Status: None to speak of
  • Catchphrase(s): "Can I, huh? Can I can I can I?"
  • Identified by: A big, big mouth