Laugh of the Party is the 8th episode of season 1.



It's Halloween and Claire's throwing the biggest bash in Peaceful Pines until Lydia announces that she, too will throw a party. But there are a few problems:

  1. All she has to wear is a cute pink bunny costume after Delia gets involved
  2. There will be no food or decorations
  3. No one is coming. (No one has invited, in fact)

Well, never fear, Mr. Beetleman is here! Beetlejuice introduces Peaceful Pines to "Party People in a Can", and boy, the town will never be the same.


  • The episode has a sequence of a cute pink bunny costume for Lydia Deetz on Halloween was based on a movie from "A Christmas Story" (1983), which was on Christmas Day, Ralphie Parker (played by Peter Billingsley) was forced by his parents, named Mrs. Parker (played by Melinda Dillon) and Old Mad Parker (played by Darren McGavin), to wear the cute pink bunny costume as a Christmas present.
  • This is the first time Beetlejuice (or Mr. Beetleman) turns into Bettyjuice.


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