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Spinhead Beetlejuice is based on Beetlejuice in his wedding tux, from Chapter 25 "Marriage of incovenience.".


Taken from back of the card for the action figure on the American release.

  • Remove figure's large head to expose a smaller one. The large head is also interchangeable with the bodies of other Beetlejuice figures.
  • Spin the wheel on figure's back to make his head go around in either direction. Works with large head on or off.
  • Creepy Cockroach fits on his arm or can be put on your finger.


The United States saw two print runs of the packaging, showing no difference other than the print number on the back top corner of the card.

Canada also had a release of it, with bilingual English and French. The back having only the six action figures listed, no Talking Beetlejuice or Vanishing Vault.


  • Spinhead Beetlejuice is featured on the right side of Tara Toy Corp's Beetlejuice Collectors Case.
  • The "large head" is many times used on Showtime Beetlejuice body to create a "Normal Beetlejuice". The "Normal Beetlejuice" is featured on packaging for: Vanishing Vault, Phantom Flyer, and Creepy Cruiser. Illustrations of "Normal Beetlejuice" are also featured on all three of those items packaging along with the front of packaging for Snake Mask and back of packaging for Gross Out Meter Playset.