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Juno is an afterlife caseworker whom the Maitlands go to for help in dealing with the afterlife and for assistance removing the Deetz's from their home. She had Betelgeuse as an assistant at one time until he decided to go "out on his own" as a "Freelance Bio-Exorcist" who claimed he could "get rid of the living". She warns the Maitlands not to summon Beetlejuice, but to scare the Deetzs out of their house themselves, because Betelgeuse "does not work well with others". She now uses the Receptionist as a new assistant. She was seen much later in the film, when she was dealing with the deaths of the Football Players. She scolds Adam and Barbara for leaving the Handbook for the Recently Deceased lying around, to which Lydia and Otho were able to get ahold of it, as well as ignoring her earlier warning not to associate with Betelgeuse.

She is seen smoking and the smoke emitting from her neck, which first suggest a tracheostomy. However, since the laws of the Neitherworld stipulate that those whose deaths are classified as suicides get assigned to be civil servants, it was determined Juno's cause of death was that she slit her own throat.


She was Wise, but quick tempered.


  • In the musical, it is revealed at the end that, in addition to having him as an assistant, she was also his mother-- or at the very least was a maternal figure that he's afraid of-- while in the animated series, he had a different mother altogether (who, again, he was afraid of, but for different reasons).