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Jane Butterfield is the realtor and a pest of sorts.



Jane is one of the pushy sorts, as she was insistent to the point of annoyance that the Maitlands should sell the house to a family with children... claiming it is too big for just two people (while also feeling bad for reminding them on how hard they tried to have kids). Although Barbara firmly told her not to, Jane had been showing pictures of the Maitlands' home to people (specifically, customers in New York) long before it was officially for sale. She even stuck her face onto the window of Adam's basement workshop to ask him to sell the place, even though Barbara said no.

When the Maitlands died, she gave no consideration to their last requests and, without considering their tastes, immediately sold the house to the Deetzes. In a deleted scene, Jane tried to call the Deetzes to sell the house (possibly for a bigger client), but Deetzes (living peacefully with the Maitlands' ghosts) flatly stated that they're keeping the house and that they'll never sell it, leaving Jane upset.


  • A tombstone with her name can be seen in the first scene of the musical.