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Jacques LaLean is a skeleton body builder that really has a strong French accent.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Jacques LaLean
  • Profile: Beetlejuice's very bone-ami
  • Status: Thouroughly Decomposed
  • Catchphrase(s): "Sacre Bleu!" and "Ooh la la!" (stereotypical, yes)
  • Identified by: Never breaking a sweat (happens when you don't have skin); Constantly falling to pieces


Jacques is very persistent, since he continues to exercise despite only being a skeleton without muscles.


In the episode High's Ghoul Confidential, Jacques is shown to have gone to High School along with Beetlejuice and Ginger. He is shown to have buck teeth and a beanie hat. A later episode called Journey to the Center of the Neitherworld, where Beetlejuice told a false story about how he and Jacques saved the writer Verne Jules in order to get out of housework, showed that Jacques used to be overweight, but became fit so it would be easier to catch up with Beetlejuice (though since the story was a lie, this may not be true). However, another episode (It's A Wonderful Afterlife) that showed what it would be like if Beetlejuice never existed depicted Jacques LaLean as having been overweight, so Beetlejuice's story may at least be partially true. Also, this reality showed Jacques having changed his name to Jacques LaLawn and having turned what would've been BJ's Roadhouse into a bistro. Jacques also once beat Armhold Musclehugger in the 400th annual Mr. Neitherworld Contest, becoming the New Mr. Neitherworld. He's also from some episodes, which includes Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice and Raging Skull.


  • In the French dub of the cartoon, Jacques has an Italian accent.
  • Also in the French dub of the cartoon, Jacques is voiced by Philippe Peythieu, who also voices Homer Simpson in the French dub of the Simpsons, Odie and Orson in the French dub of Garfield and Friends and many more.
  • His voice actor, Charles Kerr, sadly passed away on February 12, 2011 aged 88 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • It should be noted that "Jacques" is the French equivalent of the name "John", and Jacques is a skeleton. Combining these two facts, aside from being a parody of Jack LaLanne, he could also be a subtle reference to the children's scary song "The Ghost of John".
  • Jacques and Doomie are the only ones in the Neitherworld who like Beetlejuice.