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Jack (Gross-Out Co-Host)

Jack (who appeared in Beetlejuice Animated episode, The Big Face Off) is the co-host of Neitherworld game show, called "The 24 Hour Gross-Out", along with Barf Biffman.

His catchphrase was "Scum On Down" (which puns-on phrase "Come On Down", from "The Price is Right"), to the team members, which are Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz and their opponents, Humphrey and Hanna Scuzzymoto.

During their final round, Jack activates the film projector as any team will win their grand prize, especially "The Geek Islands" as a scream vacation.

Now, BJ uses Charles' face to scare Jack, Barf Biffman, Humphrey, Hanna and the audiences away in the grossest of the gross and won the Neitherworld game show.