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"Invisible" is the first song from the musical Beetlejuice. The song shows Emily Deetz's funeral.


Daylight come and we wan' go...

[PASTOR] In times like these, we have no words. We have only each other. Today we come together to mourn the passing of Emily Deetz; devoted wife of Charles, beloved mother to Lydia. Scripture tells us, "Sorrow not, for we do not walk alone."

You're invisible when you’re sad
Clocks tick and phones still ring
The world carries on like mad
But nobody sees a thing

Whispering behind their hands
Lost for kind words to say
Nobody understands
And everyone goes away

Grownups wanna fix things
When they can’t it only fills them with shame
So they just look away
Is it being greedy to need somebody to see me
And say my name?

Seems when you lose your mom
No one turns off the sun
Folks carry on, that’s that
You’re invisible when you’re sad

[BETELGEUSE] Holy crap, a ballad already? And such a bold departure from the original source material!

You're invisible when you're me
There's no one to see my truth
If they could look up they'd see
"Hey, somebody's on the roof!"

God, it's mortifying
What's the point of even trying?
'Cause now
I'm trapped with no escape
Banished! Disavowed!
I vanished like a cloud of dirty hipster vape

Nobody said life's fair
Guess they will never see
The demon who isn't there
You're invisible when you're...
Whoa, what have we got here?

[LYDIA] By the time you read this I, Lydia Deetz, will be gone. There's nothing for me here. I'm alone, forsaken, invisible...

[BETELGEUSE] That makes two of us.

[LYDIA] Who the hell are you?

[BETELGEUSE] Can you... see me?!

[LYDIA] Yeah...

[BETELGEUSE] You can see me! I'm gonna have a new best...