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Harry the Hunter was first seen in Neitherworld Waiting Room. It seems he had died by having his head shrunk, suggestively by the Witch Doctor.

Beetlejuice (movie)[]

History (BJ1)[]

He was seen in the waiting room next to the Preacher and the Char Man before Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland came into the room. Barbara ends up sitting to his right while the Preacher is still to his left. Later, Beetlejuice sat in the waiting room again to the right.

Deleted Media (BJ1)[]

He once more can be seen in the same place in the waiting room, Beetlejuice sitting to his right again.

Personality (BJ1)[]

Trivia (BJ1)[]

  • He had an action figure in the Kenner Beetlejuice line known as "Harry the Haunted Hunter" His iconic shrunken head is concealed beneath a larger removable head that resembles that of a late 19th century big game hunter wearing an Australian-style hunting hat with an arrow shot through it. He comes with a blunderbus that his head or others from the line can be mounted on it, or the included Betelguese disguised as a beetle.

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Beetlejuice (musical)[]

Beetlejuice (animated series)[]

History (BJ:AS)[]

I.M. Smallhead is the assistant of Mayor Maynot.

Personality (BJ:AS)[]

I.M. Smallhead is the mayor's assistant, and accordingly agrees with his views and opinions. Like Mayor Maynot (and pretty much everyone else in the Neitherworld), Smallhead completely despises Beetlejuice, though has occasionally acted like a friend.

Trivia (BJ:AS)[]

  • He is one of the few characters from the movie to appear in the animated series, albeit with a different name. All his the hunter attributes were removed as well.

Gallery (BJ:AS)[]