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Ginger is a tap-dancing spider in Neitherworld.

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Ginger the Tap Dancing Spider
  • Profile: The Neitherworld's Only Tap-Dancing Spider
  • Status: Just hanging around
  • Catchphrase(s): Anything said in a New York accent.
  • Identified by: Knotted limbs; being cute


Ginger's frequently energetic. She's also very sensitive and she cries often when falling victim to Beetlejuice's mean pranks. She's good friends with Jacques LaLean.


It is shown in the episode "High's Ghoul Confidential" that she went to high school along with Beetlejuice and Jacques, wearing a bouffant hairdo. Though she doesn't like Beetlejuice, she's one of many people that'll help him whenever he's in trouble, or in a time of need, notable in "Sore Feet". In an alternate reality shown in "It's A Wonderful Afterlife", it's shown that without Beetlejuice around to tamper with Ginger's auditions, she quickly became a famous dancer.


Ginger's loosely based on the legendary dancer named Ginger Rogers (1911-1995), who's also an actress and a singer.