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The football players are first seen when Adam and Barbara Maitland go see Juno again.

Beetlejuice (movie)[]


They are not very intelligent, as they keep referring to Juno as their coach despite Juno repeating that "I am not your coach, he survived!" One of the football players comments he might have died in the crash, implying that the cause of death may have been a bus accident, train derailment or plane crash.

At the final scene, where Lydia Deetz is levitated and singing "Jump in the Line", the football players appear on the stairs supporting her.


There are six players in Juno's Office behind her when first encountered. So it is the assumed number, however this isn't confirmed.

  • #71 (he asked where the bathroom was)
  • #56
  • #62 (he asked about a curfew and later confirms that he doesn't think they survived the crash)
  • #67
  • #37?
  • #32

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Beetlejuice (musical)[]

During Lydia and Charles interaction with Miss Argentina, #38 football player can be seen along later with #19 and #6. A bit later in the song a group of five more players (#85, #24, #13, #5, and #66) can be seen in the back bringing the total number of them to eight. Later, June recruits the first three football players referred as "New Meat" to chase after Lydia.

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