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Donald "Donny" Juice is Beetlejuice's younger brother, son of Nat and Bea Juice. Donny is the favorite of family and friends and both brothers know it. He always has a smile and spare gift on hand for anyone he meets to the annoyance of Beetlejuice who rigs Donny's gifts with pranks (which backfires, as the receiver still enjoys the gift). Donny Juice is obliviously optimistic, brushing off Beetlejuice's insults and rude comments as jokes. Despite that, he cares deeply about other's opinions on him especially his brother's and admits he's aware his constant niceness drives the people around him crazy.

Donny Juice appears in the episodes "Oh, Brother!" and "Midnight Scum".

Characteristic Details[]

  • Name: Donald "Donny" Juice
  • Profile: Neitherworld Man of the Century
  • Status: Let's put it this way: his credit is good everywhere.
  • Catchphrase(s): It would be "Won't you be my neighbor?" but that's already been taken by the late great Fred Rogers.
  • Identified by: Always having a gift on hand; Helping out whenever necessary (or otherwise)



An early script of the movie had Betelgeuse having a 'good twin' named Swallowtail.