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Deady Eddie

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Deady Eddie (who appeared in this episode of "Beetlejuice: The Animated Series", called "Vidiots") is the Neither-Game Player (which means Videogame player in Neitherworld) played the Arcade Game called "Scourge".


Once Deady Eddie completed the first level in the "Scourge" videogame, he was sucked into the Neither-Game cyberspace with the videogame villain, which was the same name as the name of the videogame. He was trapped in this videogame and there was no way out.

One day, Mr. BJ (Beetlejuice) and Lydia went to the Neither-Game (Arcade Game in Neitherworld). Lydia did the same thing what Deady Eddie did, because she completed the first level, when suddenly, she was sucked into the Neither-Game cyberspace. Meanwhile, Mr. BJ, transforms himself into a coin and put himself into the arcade game deposit, so he turns back to normal and find Lydia.

The only way to save Deady Eddie is to defeat all Neither-game enemies. And Mr. BJ & Lydia did, so they went to the last and final level as they've seen Scourge, in person. Scourge weakness was the virus, so Mr. BJ gave Scourge a cold as a virus... and succeeded it, After Scourge defeated, they seen as Deady Eddie revealed in person.

Now, Mr. BJ, Lydia and Deady Eddie escaped the "Scourge" Neither-Game Arcade, because the "Scourge" Arcade Videogame machine has broken to pieces.