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Dante's Inferno Room appears in the live-action film in the model of Winter River.


Appearing as a distraction for Betelgeuse, it was made by Juno to distract Betelgeuse as noted by Juno (who ordered Adam and Barbara to be sent by Miss Receptionist) in her own office. She saw her opportunity after Betelgeuse remarked he was feeling "anxious", indicating his sexual desires. He ended up staying there for some time, Lydia came up to the attic looking for the Maitland's and Betelgeuse called out to Lydia. Trying to be freed, he plays charades with Lydia since he can't say his name to her, but he needs her to say his name three times. She figures out his name and says it two times, but before she could say it a third time, Barbara and Adam stops her. Betelgeuse falls off the balcony of the Dante's Inferno building.

Physical Description[]

An oddly-shaped strip club staffed by seductive devil women. It has a large devil face with an open mouth for the entrance and many signs proclaiming the name of the building, "Girls", "Live Nude" and that it's "Air Conditioned".


  • This location was only in the model and it wasn't in the actual town of Winter River.