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Cousin B.J. is the 19th episode of season 1.


  • Aunt Zepora
  • Uncle Danport


When Lydia's relatives come to her house for dinner, she knew she was in for a boring night (and we'll give you three guesses who she calls for help). Beetlejuice shows up as Cousin BJ, a boy about Lydia's age or a younger age, in an attempt to loosen up Lydia's old-fashioned Uncle Clyde and snooty Aunt Zepora. First, he puts abnormal improvements to Clyde's pathetic ventriloquist act, then he gives Zepora a makeover that got her husband, Uncle Danport, to speak for the first time. After that, when they showed old habits at dinner, BJ uses his possesion powers to get the family to dance, well, at least until twenty seconds before Lydia pointed out that he was using his magic.


  • The scene where Charles' and Delia's siblings are doing a musical number while being controlled was inspired from the 1988 live-action flim where Adam and Barbara used their powers to make the others, excluding Lydia (which means not included) dance and sings "Day-O" (originally song performed by Harry Belafonte).
  • The episode is based on the 1989 film "Cousins" with Ted Danson.


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