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Count Mein is the Neitherworld Vampire, who's staying at the hotel with his henchman Fleagor – who is infested with fleas – he spots Delia (Lydia's mother) and takes a liking to her neck. After a nocturnal visitation during which he tries to bite her neck, misses and punctures the waterbed, he decides to kidnap Delia away to his castle in order that he might have his toothsome way with her. This leads to Charles showing his bravery as he rescues his wife, although the Count is forced to back down by Beetlejuice, who turns into a stake – the inevitable sight gag of turning into a steak first fell flat as you knew it was going to make an appearance at some point during the episode, Hotel Hello.

Strangely, the neitherworld has day and night cycles and the vampire avoids the sunlight (wearing sun-block at one point). The vampire can turn into a bat and his carriage is bat drawn. The neitherworld also has blood banks with an atm/dispenser accessible in order to make withdrawals. The Count’s bed is an earth filled coffin and he appears to have eye mojo also.


  • "Mein" means "My" in German, although his name is pronounced "Me in," as a play on the phrase "count me in."
  • The character, is based on a character of Looney Tunes, named Count Bloodcount from "Transylvania 6-5000" (1963; not to be confused with the 1985 New World Movie).
  • His lip design resemblances Fred Flintstone's and George Jetson's.