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Charles Deetz, was the husband of Delia Deetz and father of Lydia Deetz.

Beetlejuice (movie)[]

History (BJ1)[]

Used to work in real estate in New York City before his nervous break down, which is why he and his family moved to "the sticks" in the first place. According to Lydia, Charles was married to Lydia's mother before he met Delia, though what happened to his first wife remains a mystery.

Personality (BJ1)[]

Although Charles claims he just wants to relax and clip coupons (which he obviously does) he can't resist his old habit of continuing his real estate career, the one he had before his nervous breakdown, and begins plans to sell the entire town of Winter River. Though Charles acts too busy for his own family, he truly cares about them. He loves his wife Delia (despite hating the way she "trashes the place" with her redecorating obsession) and is attentive to Lydia (even asking her opinion of the new house, promising her a darkroom for her photography, and even calling her "pumpkin"). While initially upset at the idea when Adam and Barbara summoned the snake (Beetlejuice in disguise) to attack him, Charles shows great concern when the seance turned exorcism causes the couple to decompose in front of him and tries to make Otho stop. Beetlejuice then appears and restrains Charles along with his wife, who are forced to watch Lydia being forcibly married to Beetlejuice. However, this is stopped by Barbara and Adam, who use a sandworm to send Beetlejuice back to the afterlife. Charles is then looking gratefully at the Maitlands for saving his daughter.

In the end Charles seems to accept the idea of living with ghosts, even reading the book called "The Living and the Dead" on how to deal with it and sharing Adam's frustration that the book reads like stereo instructions. While Beetlejuice has been banished, Charles still has a lingering fear of him which is triggered when Delia shows him a sculpture of Beetlejuice in Snake form.

Trivia (BJ1)[]

  • Charles loves ornithology and baseball.
  • In some scripts it's revealed that Charles's has a first wife "Evelyn".

Gallery (BJ1)[]

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (movie)[]

Briefly, a picture of Charles can be seen at his funeral.

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Beetlejuice (animated series)[]

Personality (BJ:AS)[]

Charles often acts very nervous and is easily frightened. This was humorously pointed out in one episode when he revealed that practically everything made him nervous. Charles is allergic to dogs.

Trivia (BJ:AS)[]

  • In the animated series it's revealed that Charles is allergic to dogs.

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