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Carmen Filpi was an American actor who starred in films and on television.

Beetlejuice Connection[]

Beetlejuice (movie) - Acting Talent for Road Kill Man (accredited as "Messenger")


He is well known for playing a homeless man in a lot of films. His first feature film was in "Wild Gypsies" (1969) and his final film was "Eight Crazy Nights". He is also known from "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" (1985) and "Ed Wood" (1994), which both were directed by Tim Burton.

Other Works[]

The information in this section is gathered from IMDb and is meant to only be a brief list of highlights of their career.

  • Eight Crazy Nights - Acting Talent (2002)
  • Ed Wood - Acting Talent (1994)
  • Wayne's World - Acting Talent (1992)
  • Escape from New York - Acting Talent (1981)
  • Wild Gypsies - Acting Talent (1969)



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