• Let her rip

    musical vs film

    July 28, 2020 by Let her rip

    Hey! This is about the differences of the wonderful Beetlejuice film vs the great Beetlejuice musical. So let's go, but first the table of contents: 1. The Plot 2. The Costumes 3. The Songs 4. The Backgrounds

    1. The Plot Now their plots are immensely different. The start have major differences. In the musical Adam and Barbara are killed by Betelgeuse in a way. They fall through a floor and Betelgeuse tries to make a deal with them. However, in the film Adam and Barbara go to the shop in their car and on their way back crash into a bridge, then drown. After that, they realize that they're not able to leave their house. to be continued later ūüĖč

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  • Bronlyz

    michael keaton

    December 20, 2019 by Bronlyz

    i know he play as beetljuice

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  • Cstoczyn

    Happy Halloween!

    October 1, 2017 by Cstoczyn

    Have A Spooktacular Halloween!

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  • Obsidian Prime


    Can anyone please identify which episode this is and who the creature character is? Thanks!

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  • TheSitcomLover

    Will the Beetlejuice TV series ever return with new episodes? Because I kinda like that show now.

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  • JamesTherHAMPMaster

    Here are two Warner Bros. variant logos from "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian".

    The Warner Bros. logo 1998 sequence begins, but as the Warner Bros. 1998 shield turns to 1948 shield as the WB shield goes to the center, though the byline "A TimeWarner Company" fades in, because the sequence is black and white.

    The Warner Bros. Distribution logo from 2003-Present, with the 1948 shield on the cloud background. The details, however, read "Distributed by" above the 1948 WB shield. And the byline "A TimeWarner Company" and the Warner Bros. website ( are below the 1948 WB shield, because the sequence is black and white

    JamesTherHAMPMaster 19:37, October 22, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Pinballshawn

    Lydia Deetz

    March 18, 2013 by Pinballshawn

    Out of all of the characters from Beetlejuice, my favorite is Lydia

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  • Amycefai

    i like beetlejuice because he is funny but i like lydia much more because she is me and i am gothic o she represents me in such a big way. i say watch beetlejuice becaues he is funny and you will get a good laugh out of it

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  • MysteryGirl

    The movie Beetle Juice is by far one of the most original ghost stories Tim Burton ever made.

    " original alright, and nobody wants a sequel!"

    -Beetlejuice, Stage Fright

    Now that's not true, BJ! There are hundreds, maybe thousands of fans in this world that want to see you on the big screen once again. In fact, Tim Burton agreed to make a second movie for you, but he'll need a producer/co-director to get Beetle Juice Goes Hawaiian out of the vapor ware oven and have the tickets selling like hot-cakes (and don't bother... it's too much work for you to make a scam out of it); if I ever manage to meet the movie-making genius while I'm still what you Neitherworlders call a "breather", I'd take the job in a heartbeat! I'd gladly make improvement…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    While this wiki will not address why the film is different from the cartoon....I will give my theories here! So let the cloud rain....

    In the neitherworld more than likely. After finding peace with the Deetz family, they then were upgraded and placed somewhere in the neitherworld. The rules may change in a peaceful situation.

    He may have been granted a second chance by Juno after Unknowingly getting the Handbook for the recently Deceased out of Otho's hands. His Anti-hero moment. He was most likely assigned a mission to maintain the balance of things as Lydia knows a great deal about the afterlife already, therefore to deal with it. Beetlejuice may have in the meantime developed this slightly more healthy relationship with Lydia, viewing the…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    I have the screen caps to many of the characters. Next will be focus on getting all the character pages to have text.

    Anyways, how do you'll think of the wiki so far?

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