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Bizarre Bazaar is the 13th episode of season 1.


  • Wendy
  • Jillian


At Ms. Shannon's School for Girls, the annual Bazzarr is coming up and Ms. Shannon is needing volunteers for the attractions. Wendy and Jillian took the Penny Toss and Bertha and Prudence are assigned the Pie-in-the-Face Booth. Luckily for Lydia, she is assigned for the Haunted House project for she loves scary things, but unfortunatly she is to be teamed up with her rival Claire Brewster. Outside, Lydia is drawing designs for the haunted house, when Beetlejuice shows up and compliments on them. Lydia tells BJ about her having to work with Claire much to BJ's shock, but she tells him it's not gonna get her down. Claire shows up, grabs Lydia's drawings with BJ in them, crumples it up and tells her her idea for the attraction: herself in danger like a damsel in distress, much to Lydia's disgust. Offended, Claire tells Lydia that they should build their own haunted house and see which one'll make the most money. BJ gives Lydia ideas for their haunted house, even going to the Neitherworld to get some. They make the haunted house, but Claire destroys it and makes hers. The next day at the Bazzar, everyone hates Claire's haunted house idea. BJ isn't happy and is about to make Claire pay, but Lydia says his name three times making him go back to the Neitherworld. CLaire blames Lydia for the idea and leaves, leaving Lydia a disgrace. BJ begs Lydia to make him come back and make the place scary again. Lydia agrees, but makes Beetlejuice promise nothing else. Beetlejuice agrees(though he's actually lying on that part) and Lydia releases him. Beetlejuice makes the place scary enough for more customers to come, much to Claire's chargin. Claire says that Lydia's tacky monsters aren't gonna frighten her, but BJ pushes a button that sends Claire down to the Neitherworld where she gets the scare of her life (including a Sandworm pops up, scaring Claire so bad, she ended up screaming) while everyone else enjoys the fake festivities. Claire comes out, pale and her hair up like the Bride of Frankenstein. Ms. Shannon congratulates Lydia and Claire for the job well done and imagines what they can do for other projects, but still scared, Claire runs away vowing never to work with Lydia again, much to Lydia and BJ's delight.


  • This episode is a reminder of a Haunted house.


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