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Bernard is Delia's agent and has been "consistently losing money on her work for years".


Bernard, Grace, Otho and Beryl attend a dinner hosted by the Deetzes where all of them (except Lydia) are possessed by the Maitlands, who make them dance and sing "Day-O" by Harry Belafonte before frightening them by having six monstrous hands pop out of the table and grab them by their faces and throw them back into their chairs. However, the group quickly overcome their initial shock and express delight at having discovered there is life after death; although he demands proof, despite the phenomenon they experienced. However, when Lydia informs the rest of them that the Maitlands don't want to come down from the attic as they were trying to scare them away, all of the Deetzes' guest (except Otho) leave. Before leaving, Bernard calls Delia a flake, and to use her sculptures if she wishes to scare people.




It is unknown whether or not Bernard appeared in the animated series.