Beetlejuice Wiki

The Beetlejuice movie was split into twenty-eight chapters on DVD, which sets up a easy way to cover the scenes in the movie. Also, listed on here are deleted/alternate scenes that have surfaced over the years from workprint footage and still photos.


  • 01. "Overhead credits."
  • 02. "The perfect vacation."
  • 03. "A wrong turn."
  • 04. "Recently deceased."
    • "The Gear Sequence": The scene where Adam attempts to leave the house after he and Barbara die is different. Instead of a desert he sees empty darkness filled with rolling cogs.
  • 05. "Perusing the obits."
  • 06. "Enter the Deetzes."
  • 07. "Ghostly gambits."
  • 08. "Wormlike wildlife."
  • 09. "Moving day."
  • 10. "The power of advertising."
  • 11. "The afterlife."
  • 12. "Interview with Juno."
  • 13. "Help me!"
  • 14. "Unspookable."
  • 15. "Beetlejuice."
    • "Lydia Develops Photos" : A scene where Lydia is developing the ghost sheet pictures she took of Adam and Barbara. After her mother yells at her and blames her for cutting holes in her sheets, Lydia runs upstairs and tries to convince her dad the pictures are real.
  • 16. "The dinner party (Day-O)."
  • 17. "No-Shows."
    • "Adam and Barbara Hanging From Window": an added 10 seconds where after the adults leave the attic after searching for the ghosts, we see a Sandworm trying to eat Adam and Barbara as they hang from the attic window.
  • 18. "Turn on the juice."
    • "The Original Snake Scene": The snake scene had been filmed before Michael Keaton was cast as Betelgeuse, and the animatronic snake used bore no resemblance to the actor. After Keaton had been cast, some additional film was shot for the scene, using a stop-motion snake that looked more like Betelgeuse. This was suggested by the studio to make sure the audience knows that the snake is actually Betelgeuse and not some random monster from the afterlife. No footage of this scene has surfaced yet.
  • 19. "Make my millennium."
  • 20. "Never trust the living."
  • 21. "Funny faces."
  • 22. "Lydia meets Beetlejuice."
  • 23. "Otho's seance."
  • 24. "It's showtime."
  • 25. "Marriage of incovenience."
    • "Wedding Ceremony": A Alternate scene that has Barbara go to the front door to get the Sandworm, instead of Beetlejuice sending Barbara to the Saturn.
  • 26. "High marks."
    • "Alternate Ending": An extra 2 minute scene at the end where we see Lydia riding her bike home from school and her parents talking to Jane on the phone, telling her they do not want to sell the house.
  • 27. "Lightheaded."
    • "Old Bill in The Afterlife" : After the afterlife scenes proved to be popular with test audiences, two additional scenes were filmed with Beetlejuice in the waiting room, however only one made it into the final film (Beetlejuice's head getting shrunken). The other involved Old Bill, the rambling barber from early on in the movie which was cut. Not much else is known about this scene as only publicity stills of it have surfaced and no footage.
  • 28. "End credits."