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Chapter 05: "Perusing the obits." is the fifth chapter of the first movie.






A establishing shot of the Maitland house before going deep underground somewhere. Beetlejuice can be seen reading The Afterlife newspaper, showing the front headline being that Sandworm incidents are up thirteen percent from last year. Beetlejuice then goes to the obituary section looking for clients and sees the Maitlands in there noting they are a cute couple, nice, and stupid, too. Meanwhile, the Maitlands are in the attic, Barbara in-vain trying to clean without a vacuum and Adam trying to guess where their grave markers would be in the local cemetery in Winter River. They then hear car doors outside. Looking out the attic window, Jane and Little Jane can be seen outside the car, wearing funeral cloths. Adam tries to get Jane's attention, but she doesn't see or hear him. Barbara confirms in the book that rule two the living usually won't see the dead. After Barbara gets frustrated with the book again, Adam takes the book and shuts it, then says "Barb, honey, we're dead. I don't think we have very much to worry about anymore." Jane can be seen driving away from the house with a realtor sign up that states the house is for sale, but sold.