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Chapter 04: "Recently deceased." is the fourth chapter of the first movie.





As the clock goes off saying 6 pm as well as the fireplace comes on lit at the Maitland's residence as they walk in, seemingly wet. Barbara notes as they walk in that the fireplace was not lit when they left, and Adam asks how Barbara's arm is, with her reply being it feels frozen. They sit near the fire, warming their hands when Barbara's hand catches fire. A second later, Adam notices Barbaras fingers are on fire and she blows the fires out like candles. Later, Adam and Barbara walking in the house, Barbara says she'll make some coffee, and suggests Adam get wood for the fire. Adam says they need to take things easy. He asks if she remembers how they got back up to the house, then says he'll go back down there retrace they're steps. Adam steps down the stairs of the house and enters a sandy world. He hears weird eerie sounds from the new landscape. He sees something coming near him before Barbara pulls him back to up the stairs to their house. She notes he has been gone two hours. Barbara leads him back the the living room with the fireplace and the mirror above it. She shows that her arm and hand doesn't show when she waved a toy horse, Adam waves his hand in front of the mirror also not showing in the mirror. Next, Barbara point to a book on the table near the fireplace. The Handbook for the Recently Deceased it reads on the cover, published by Handbook for the Recently Deceased Press. Barbara then says, "I don't think we survived the crash". In their bedroom, Adam reading over the book, Barbara wants to know the basics, but Adam notes the book isn't arranged that way. Barbara asks then why did Adam had disappeared on the stairs and are they halfway to Heaven or halfway to Hell, and how long is this going to last. Adam says no Heaven or Hell mentioned in the book, and he notes it reads like stereo instructions. He then says this is going to take some time and shuts the book, clearly frustrated. Barbara in frustration as well falls on the bed.